Classic Cars & Campervans

The morning of 'Mouth of the Tyne' festival, Tynemouth Front Street. Classic cars and campervans out in force and Dil & the Bear cafe which does the best poached eggs.


The Cabin

Finish work, pick up the dog and head out to the countryside. A night of calm in between days of stress (we're selling our flat and buying a house!).  We've been to this cabin a few times before and it's the perfect place to switch off. There's no electricity and just a tiny bit of phone signal. We cook dinner on a barbecue or the gas stove and have a few beers round the fire. Inside there's a log burner and a chess board and you can hear the stream as you sleep.

St Marys Island

I've been visiting St Mary's lighthouse since I was little, and three years ago I got married here. It's still one of my favourite places to walk the dog on a light evening. I love living so near to the coast.


Drinks on the Terrace

A few of my favourite shots from a recent wedding I attended with the nikon. As soon as I find myself in a social event like this I suddenly think I'm Martin Parr and go wild. But I find that a lot of people like me doing this, when they've got an actual responsible wedding photographer to take the serious photographs. As long as I get a plate from the buffet in return I'm satisfied.

A Rubber Duck Race

Can you think of anything more British than a bank holiday rubber duck race down a river in a rural Northumberland town? Visitors and residents all chasing (rather slowly) hundreds of ducks downstream, men with nets waiting for the winner at the stepping stones, locals in waders with rubber ducks stuck to their hats fishing escapees out of the grassy riverbanks. Another reason to love the North.