An Austrian Road Trip

A few months ago I found some negatives in the back of a box of 35mm cameras in Kasbah Market, North Shields. The owner of the shop let me take them and I scanned them in as soon as I got home. I've waited a while to share these as I wasn't 100% sure of the morality of sharing somebody else's holiday photographs. It seems like a bit of a grey area. I've decided to go ahead and post them as it legit looks like one of the best road trips ever, and as unlikely as it is, it would be cool if somebody who knows the family stumbled across them. 

I recognise the name on the side of some of the buildings as being in the Tyrol valley in Austria, where weirdly enough, I spent a few months living years ago. Small world eh. I also googled the name 'Casino Interlaken' which is on the flower beds in one of the shots, and thats in Switzerland so it seems they had quite the adventure.



I'd forgotten how big the grounds of Cragside are, you could easily spend a few days here to see it all.  Think of this as a 'part one', I'm pretty sure we'll go back at some point. One thing I'd never seen before is the tropical fern garden, it's pretty unusual. Good one Cragside. I know I went on about this in the Wallington Hall post but it is so good having a national trust pass and being able to just get into these places for free. 

The house is very nearly hashtaggable as interior goals too. Lots of pastel tones and white brick. 


The tropical fernery in the 'Formal Gardens' area


The Beach & The Kids

A day at Cullercoats beach with my parents & nieces.