Pastels & a Prosthetic Leg

I usually only shoot Portra, I'm a bit of a snob really. I've just always loved it and like everything to be very consistent with my shots. However, I put an emergency roll of Kodak Color Plus through the OM10 yesterday and I'm actually a little surprised at how nice and pastel the colours came out. It's half the price of the Portra too.... Very tempting.

These were shot in Amble, Craster and Cullercoats beach. Can't beat a good day out along the coast.

Brunswick Yard

A salvage yard and cafe in Penrith filled with all sorts of glorious vintage bits. The cafe is currently being renovated but they've created a cosy pop up seating area in the barn. Think we'll head back here again at some point, it's definitely the sort of place you can visit over and over again.

'The Brunswick Yard'

Staithes Coastal Village

Staithes, North Yorkshire. We drove here on a grey, drizzly day. It turned out the light was amazing and the village was beautiful and every shot came out perfectly. Definitely worth the drive, there's something about the Yorkshire coast.

Above, medium format. Below, 35mm

Kielder Observatory

Last week I went to Saltburn to see the cliff lift and photographed everything but the cliff lift. This week I went to Kielder Observatory and photographed everything but the actual observatory. Oh well. I always feel like if you can google something and get a hundred similar images of it then it's not really worth taking a photo of it anyways.

An Abandoned Shed

We were driving through the North Pennines trying to get to an abandoned mine but the road was closed and we couldn't really be bothered to drive miles out of our way to go around (I'll definitely go back in a few weeks), so we spent the day just exploring parts of the area we hadn't been to. I spotted this creepy little building from inside the car so we turned around and pulled up. There was a 'no access' sign but hey, not even scared (that's a lie I was a little scared). I think this was an old storage or work shed for the nearby reservoir? There was all sorts of machinery and containers inside. Either that or the locals are making moonshine in there.