Amy Spires


A Cabin & the Lakes

We set off after work on Monday night to spend a night in a little log cabin in Cumbria, near Carlisle. We've stayed here before and it's perfect. No running water, no electricity, just a wood stove that you can stick a kettle or pan on top of. It's set right on a stream so you fall asleep to the sound of water. We didn't get there til late as we'd both been at work during the day, but we wanted to shorten the drive to the Lake District the next day so we could spend more time exploring. I didn't take many pictures as I think I pretty much overdid it last time we were here... Here's a few though.

Airbnb link if you're


The next day we set off for the Lakes, stopping near Penrith to visit Aira Force waterfall. The walk to the waterfall is more exciting than the waterfall itself...I won't lie. Still, it was good exercise.


The rest of the day was spent wandering around Windermere (amazing coffee shop here...Homeground, 10/10 flat whites and scones), Coniston and all the spots we stumbled across on the way. We eventually made our way to our campsite for the night which was on a working farm (we were literally in a field of sheep) at the very top field overlooking half the Lake District. We woke up to torrential rain on Wednesday morning so packed up and headed straight home. It's no fun exploring when everything you're wearing is soaking.

Amy Spires