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Bonny Scotland

So you might remember a month ago we took a little road trip to Scotland and it rained none stop. It was horrendous. Read about it here if you enjoy other people's misery. This time we were incredibly lucky with the weather, our camping spots, everything. 

We stayed on the edge of Loch Lomond, in Glen Coe and near Comrie and drove for miles in between, visiting everything we didn't get to see last time.

Now that I'm home, I feel like nothing looks quite as interesting without mountains in the distance. 


As well as the trusty Mamiya RZ67 I took along a little Olympus OM10 for those cheesy holiday photos. Here's a few of them...


We drove back to the spot where our first wild camping attempt failed miserably last time (you know, in the patch of woodland behind the only building, which happened to be abandoned, in the open moors of Glen Coe) and found a family of deer that live there. They were so chill and came right up to us. Pim has never been so excited in his life, I think he thought they were bigger, much funner looking dogs.


I never thought that Scotland would have beaches like this. The 'Silver Sands' of Morar. 


Last but not least, some iPhone photos...

Amy Spires