Amy Spires


Stretching Our Legs

Recently we've tried to make more a point of going for longer walks. Not only does it save me from feeling like a slug, it tires Pim out so I can get a good night's sleep without him wandering around the bedroom. It's pretty much a free day out too, not including breakfast. I live for days off and going for breakfast.

So this week we headed to Falstone, which is just below Kielder. We found a short-ish walk online (we're going to build up to the longer ones, let's not push our luck) and followed the directions around the village and along the old railway tracks, then back along the river. We stopped at a picnic bench and had some food. We didn't bump into anyone during the whole walk, it was absolutely ideal. 


The same day we headed along to Steel Rigg in Northumberland to finish my roll of film off. We attempted to climb it but I won't lie, I gave in about two thirds of the way up. In my defense, it was mega hot and I legitimately thought I was about to die. Pretty though.