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Seaside towns, shingle beaches and a lot of farmland. Norfolk isn't the kind of place we'd usually spend a week off visiting (I'm a die hard Scotland fan) but I'm glad we did. Above are a few shots from Cromer. Firstly, the pier, which was so windy I legitimately worried about my camera being blown out my hands, and below you'll see the goats that are kept on coastline cliffs. A quick google tells me they were put there to keep overgrown shrubs at bay. Very weird just walking along a path with a busy road on one side and some big goats on the other.

We spent a day exploring Blakeney, which has an incredibly long shingle beach and a lot of marshland. We tried following a national trust walk around here but I'm 99% sure we went horrifically off trail as we were walking right through some farm fields at the top of a hill at one point and it just felt very wrong. And it was raining. But hey, the dog got a lot of exercise.

One of the best ways to find interesting places is to literally just pick a random town on the map and drive there. This is how we discovered Sheringham. The train station was amazing, better than Beamish. All the trains coming in and out were steam trains, and the attention to detail was epic, they were signs everywhere reminding you to have enough film to hand for photographs.

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