Amy Spires


The Brickyard, Norfolk

One of my favourite campsites yet, an old brickyard in Norfolk. We didn't actually set up our tent this time and chose to stay in the on-site safari tent, a.k.a. 'The Brickmakers Retreat'. Absolutely perfect. Campfire area outside, woodburner inside, no electricity. All you need is a water tap and lots of candles and you're good. 

There's a long drop close by, which surprised me with a bat flying in my face the first time I used it. Such nature.

Our spot and all the tent pitches are cut off from each other with trees and brambles, so you feel like you're totally alone. There's nothing I hate more than campsites where you have to sit and look at some stranger while you're trying to relax round your campfire.

If you ever find yourself in Norfolk I massively recommend either camping or staying in the Brickmakers Retreat. Total peace and quiet.

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