Amy Spires


The Slowest Car Crash


In Britain we're always very unprepared for snow. A few inches causes absolute chaos. To our credit, the recent weather has been horrendous and there was honestly a tiny snow drift at my back door so I think we were allowed to be a little hysterical.

One of these snow days was so cold and icy that we actually had to WALK to Sainsburys. Like, on foot. Heaven forbid. We'd already tried to drive there but turned around and headed home after we were nearly involved in the world's slowest car crash. We were driving along being very careful and responsible when a car to the right of us tried to stop at a junction but just kept on sliding very slowly right into our path. This is where things get very British. All while this poor guy was trying to direct his car away from ours with one hand, he was using his other to do all kinds of apologetic hand gestures at us. Honestly, we wouldn't have minded if he'd just used both hands to manoeuvre himself out of our path. Apologies not necessary. As we walked to the shop instead we witnessed two cars do the exact same thing but actually hit each other. Absolute chaos.