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A Welsh Cottage


We’ve had some terrible luck with AirBnB’s recently, and even our first one in Wales was a bad experience. We got there early evening as arranged with the host, and turned up to an empty property and an airbnb that hadn’t been cleaned since the last people staying there. Wine bottles, dirty bed and all sorts. The owner wasn’t answering her phone so we had to leave and find a local hotel and pay twice the price for a room. We did eventually get an apology and a refund but it could have left us stranded in the middle of nowhere in Wales! Thank god for local little hotels that also do cracking evening dinners to sort you out after a drama.

Anyways, our next stop was this thatched cottage a little more south of Snowdonia. It was probably the most aesthetically pleasing place we have ever stayed. Every nook was full of character and original features. We sat every night with the fire on, just reading or playing board games and exploring during the day. It’s also a lock box check-in which is honestly a huge selling point for an introvert like myself. There’s nothing worse than hours and hours of being in the car and then having to introduce yourself to somebody new and be shown around when you’re knackered.

I usually get quite a few people asking about these nice airbnb’s so here’s the link if you’d like to book. The only thing I’d recommend is booking another place further north before or after your stay here. There’s a lot more to see in the Snowdonia area of Wales in my opinion. But overall, it’s exactly what I needed after a busy year. Our last proper holiday was easter last year, so this week off was well overdue.

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