Amy Spires


Another Brownie


You might remember a while ago I posted about putting a roll of film through an old Kodak Brownie (see the post here). Even though the images were overlapped and far from perfect, I’ve always liked what I got out of it. I can’t find the brownie I used… I either sold it on or it went missing when we moved or I gave it away, I don’t know. But it’s ok as I managed to pick up a this one for next to nothing on ebay.

After a bit of stress trying to get 120 film to fit (nail scissors to take the edge of the spool off solved everything) I managed to fire through a roll on a morning dog walk at Tynemouth. I really really like what I got out of it. It’s nice shooting something that you know isn’t going to be perfect, and not aiming for a super sharp clean image all the time.

Obviously had to get Steven to shoot a self portrait for me too at the end there.

Amy Spires