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Wales - Part 1


We set off for Wales pretty early so we arrived at a better time than we expected. We decided to stop at the nearest decent sized coastal town to stretch our legs and brush off the cobwebs of hours in the car. LLandudno. What a place. If I had to describe it to you…. I’d say a mixture between a Spanish tourist town and Whitby. Gloriously cheesy shops along the promenade and cafes shaded by palm trees. All with the mountains in the background. Honestly, as ‘tacky’ (and I genuinely use that word in a good way) as it was, the atmosphere started us off on a great note in Wales.


After a wander we jumped back in the car and started driving south in the vague direction of our Airbnb. I never usually plan these road trips too much, and just tend to stop when we see something that looks interesting. I’ve found some of the best places this way.

Our next stop was Conwy, where we wandered around the quay and the castle and even stumbled upon the smallest house in Britain. I’d read about it before, but couldn’t get a photo as the light was in the exact wrong place. Some things are just not meant to be photographed.


After a dramatic first night with some AirBnB problems (read about it here) we spent the next morning at the Betws Y Coed railway station, and I can safely say it was one of my favourite moments of the trip. I was sat in a cafe on the platform, having one of the best breakfasts of my life, the sun shining, watching the trains and the miniature railway. It was one of the moments where you think to yourself ‘I’m having a cracking time’.

So far, so good.

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