Amy Spires


Oil on Board

I’ve recently been trying my hand at painting. I bought a few small tubes of oil paint from Jackson’s (which has every art supply you could ever dream of), a palette knife and a few brushes and thought I’d just give it a shot. I struggled at first and then left it for a few days. I thought about it, and decided the whole point of painting, for me anyways, is to create my own art that I could display in my house. That started on me painting objects that appeal to me.

I’ve mostly been painting on bits of plyboard, but after replacing some old floorboards in our living room I thought I’d make use of the old ones. They have nice old paint and wear and tear marks which is exactly what I usually look for when I buy furniture or pieces for the house, so I thought they’d be ideal to paint onto.

Oil is a lot messier than I expected and takes forever to dry, so it’s a slow process and I’ve only finished one or two pieces so far. But that’s actually quite a big part of why I’m enjoying it so much. I’ve been trying to force myself to slow down recently and not absolutely blasting through every idea or plan I have and have some patience. Having to wait days for a layer of paint to dry is definitely helping.

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