Amy Spires


Brighter Days


The days are getting longer and warmer and my plants are coming back to life. I’ve started giving them a bit more attention, repotting and taking some cuttings to propagate. I’m looking forward to when they suddenly all start growing again. It’s nice to wake up to sun coming through again too, and to finish work and be able to walk the dog while it’s still light.


I’ve also been doing a lot of hunting for bits of vintage homeware to include in my online shop and the market stall (Tynemouth, this Sunday) but it’s so hard not keeping the best finds for myself. We turned our spare room into a partial stock room, so it helps to put things straight into there and then I can pretend they don’t exist and I won’t be tempted to use them in the rest of the house.


And some other recent bits…

Amy Spires