Amy Spires


Back To Scotland

It’s taken me a while to write this as I’ve been incredibly busy starting up my little part time business… ‘Coal House Goods’ (follow on instagram if you’re a fan of vintage homeware), but a few weeks ago we took a bank holiday road trip up to East Lothian. We had planned to stay in an off grid cabin but typical to our AirBnB luck, it was cancelled the night before due to a leaky log burner filling the room with smoke. In situations like that I always imagine how angry my mum would be if she found out I slept in a room possibly slowly filling with carbon monoxide so I thought it best to give that one a miss.

We ended up in a beautiful little stable house conversion in Gullane. What an amazing area. The street was filled with big houses all full of character, and was literally on the beach. We’ve probably never stayed in an AirBnB in such a good location. For once, I actually didn’t take any photos of the actual space, but you can see the listing here.


Our days were spent exploring North Berwick and all the small towns on the coast on the way there and back. We’ve agreed that we’ll definitely have to head back up at some point and spend more time there, especially North Berwick. While we were there, we took a walk along the beach and spotted a ‘Yard Sale’ handwritten sign pointing into somebodies garden. We picked up some absolutely amazing bargains here that all sold at our Coal House Goods market. It was meant to be.

Amy Spires