Amy Spires


Cornwall - Part 1

We’ve been saying for a while now that we should do a road trip to Cornwall, but the length of the drive always put us off. But after the Kielder/midgie incident we realised that our July trip to Scotland might be a really terrible idea, so last minute we decided to change direction and do the big one. This is the joy of camping in the van…. plans can be changed so easily. There’s always a campsite or a nice spot you can park up, pretty much anywhere you go.

To split up the drive we booked a spot at Manor Farm Caravan Park and it just happened to be exactly what we needed after a solid day of driving (and getting stuck in 2 hours of stand still traffic). It’s a working farm with a semi formal area for tents and campervans, with plenty of animals wandering about to say hi to. There were alpacas and llamas on fields either side of us, a little dog that kept jumping in our van and a shetland pony called Bumper that was a saint and wanted to share our barbecue with us.

We felt so relaxed here that we slept with the boot fully open, looking out to the alpaca field.


We spent the first couple of days dotting from coastal town to coastal town with no real plan. I prefer doing this, it’s how we’ve found some of our favourite places, and the thing with Cornwall is that every single place you stop is amazing and you’ll probably never be disappointed. Even on countryside roads, we’d stumble upon antiques shops and cafes. The only downside is that everybody else seems to have the same idea and everywhere is heaving! People everywhere. By day 3 it got a little overwhelming for me and I craved peace and quiet, but luckily we had another campsite booked that ended up being one of my favourite ones yet. More on that in my next post.

Amy Spires