Amy Spires


The Shack & the Brickyard

A few years ago we stayed in a ‘safari tent’ in Norfolk and loved it. I think the love for that tent may have subconsciously rubbed off on us when we bought our new tent, the ‘Prospectors Shack’. I was a little wary about using it at first, as I thought it was a bit obnoxiously big. But after seeing how big and bizarre a lot of other people's campsites were then I feel like we fit right in. I love camping, but I still want to be able to feel like I’ve made a little home away from home. You can stand upright in this tent, get changed, store all your gear. It’s amazing. It rained through the night a lot and if you were deaf you’d never have known. Everything was bone dry. Saying that, I wouldn’t use this for a short trip, we’ve got the van for that. The matching tarp that fits over the front is also the awning we use on the side of the van too so it’s handy to have.

We stayed at the Norfolk Brickyard again, which is probably one of the best campsites I’ve ever been to. Each pitch is private, surrounded by trees and bushes. You have a fire pit and a long drop and a communal barn, but that’s it. It’s ideal. I’m not a fan of sites with amenities so good you feel like you’re at a hotel.

It was a nice week, exploring during the day and coming back to this. Our only worry was collecting enough kindling every night to get our fire started. The best way to spend an evening.

Amy Spires