Slow Lambs

I wrote about our walk in Hethpool here and now for extra viewing pleasure I have some 35mm shots to share from the same day. You can see what I meant by super high ferns now. Also, there's nothing like a sunny day and some kodak portra to give you those American vibes in a photo. A great day for light.


A Boat & The Broads

I've always said that I quite like being an adult and getting older. People let you do all sorts. Buy a house, do what you want to it, adopt a pet, get a car, marry people, DRIVE A BOAT. Drive a boat we did. It was the last full day we had in Norfolk and we decided to head along to the Broads. We'd heard good things about a town called Wroxham (spookily everything there is owned by the Roys family, even the public benches) and were having a think about what to do there over breakfast. Somebody has suggested hiring a boat for the day, but I thought there was no way that they'd let you just rock up last minute with absolutely no seafaring experience and let you drive a boat into the busy broads.

But they did. They really did. All they wanted was a bit of money and two minutes of our time while they 'initiated' us ('life vests here, check, go that way, check, emergency stop, check') and we were off.

Steven did the driving while I sat on the back with my camera and it was actually the most enjoyable experience of the whole trip. The houses along the water are absolutely amazing and watching everybody potter along on their boats around us was mega interesting. A totally different lifestyle to our own. We both agreed that we could easily visit again and do a whole week holiday on a boat in the Broads. 


Some extra iPhone shots...

The Brickyard, Norfolk

One of my favourite campsites yet, an old brickyard in Norfolk. We didn't actually set up our tent this time and chose to stay in the on-site safari tent, a.k.a. 'The Brickmakers Retreat'. Absolutely perfect. Campfire area outside, woodburner inside, no electricity. All you need is a water tap and lots of candles and you're good. 

There's a long drop close by, which surprised me with a bat flying in my face the first time I used it. Such nature.

Our spot and all the tent pitches are cut off from each other with trees and brambles, so you feel like you're totally alone. There's nothing I hate more than campsites where you have to sit and look at some stranger while you're trying to relax round your campfire.

If you ever find yourself in Norfolk I massively recommend either camping or staying in the Brickmakers Retreat. Total peace and quiet.


Walking in Hethpool

I'm starting to learn something about these Northumberland walks. When the guide says it's a moderate 4 and a bit mile walk, you might just assume that's a healthy stroll along a riverside path. What it doesn't tell you, is that the majority of that walk might be through about 2 miles of shoulder high ferns on the teetering edge of a hill. Steven's internal health and safety alarm was going mental ("they really should have handrails").

It was all worth it to sit and have a packed lunch in the most secluded riverside spot ever. I even went for a paddle. 

If you're interested in doing this walk, the guide can be found here. Enjoy!

Recently, in 35mm

The Fish Quay, North Shields and some other bits of the coast. Making the most of light evenings while we still can for evening dog walks. Makes being at work 9-5 a little more bearable when you can jump in the car and head to the coast afterwards. And there's a really good fish and chip shop here.


Spent a day in Durham, terrible weather, but we hid indoors at the botanical garden. See my medium format shots and read a bit more about it here.


Some of the leaves on my glorious monstera.