Following Steven

I’ve always loved photographing people and shooting portraits, and the person I’m with the most, and therefore photograph the most, is obviously my husband. A few years ago I started the ‘Following Steven’ series just to collect all the shots of him I take day to day, and after a bit of a break from my camera I’ve started adding it to again.


He spotted this old bike for sale in Harvest, a coffee shop in Jesmond. He used to ride a bike everywhere, and thought it’d make a good project to tidy it up and ride again. Obviously I had to get him in the back yard for a portrait with it.


Just after we started stripping wallpaper in the bedroom and knocked out the bricked up fireplace. Never underestimate how much mess is created when exposing a fireplace. Dust. Everywhere.


Chopping up firewood in the backyard.

Amy Spires