A Dead Ikea

So Steven swapped his Bessa R4A body for a Mamiya RZ67 the other day. He just couldn't get into 35mm. It's fine, I still have my Leica R5 for 35mm stuff which he can use, and it now means we have a medium format camera to play with again. I'm not going to lie, it felt very much like Christmas today. There's no excitement like new camera day, and us both having the full day off work. 

We drove about looking for inspiration when we spotted this weird looking abandoned area with some nice colours. A little bit of squeezing through a hole in a fence and we were in. Some of the little signs dotted about had the IKEA logo on, so I'm guessing this is the back of an old store. I'd tell you where to find it so you could check it out but I actually have no idea where we were. 

The 50mm Summicron lens I have on my 35mm camera is amazingly sharp, but shit, I love this Mamiya. I legitimately feel like I might struggle to enjoy using anything else now!