Reservoirs & Dangerous Geese

The other day we went on a little drive to have a wander around some of the local reservoirs. We stopped by Tunstall reservoir first, which is just above Wolsingham. This is where the boldest, bravest pack of geese I've ever encountered chased me around a car park. If you follow me on instagram and happened to catch my story you'll know what I mean. They probably only wanted a fruit shortie, but still.

The fun thing about these drives is being able to stop whenever you see anything interesting and quickly shoot it. It was an amazing misty morning so everything felt a bit spooky, which is always good to photograph.

The next stop was Derwent Reservoir. The sun was out now and a gate telling us there was 'strictly no access' was just asking to be hopped. Glorious. We didn't stay too long as at this point we were both absolutely desperate for a wee and I'm not brave enough to go full nature so we had to go on a hunt for some out of season public toilets, which is always fun.

As always, these were shot with the Mamiya RZ67 but for a change I used Fuji pro 400h film.